Supporters and Honorary Members Gallery

You will find here the publications concerning the official support that Boosting Europe has received, as well as the list of the members of the Honorary Committee.

Our honorary members

Minister-President of the German-speaking Community of Belgium

Mister Oliver Paasch

Dear Honorary President of the Belgian Senate

Baron Jacques Brotchi

Belgian Federal Minister for Pensions and Social Integration
Miss Karine Lalieux

Mayor of Etterbeek
Mr Vincent De Wolf

Official supports and encouragements

Presidency of the French Republic
Mr Emmanuel Macron

Cabinet of their Majesties
King Albert II and Queen Paola of Belgium

Cabinet of His Serene Highness
The Prince of Monaco

Diplomatic Office of His Majesty the King 
Philippe of Belgium

Presidency of the Federal Republic of Germany

Federal Chancellery of Germany

Office of His Majesty the King 
Felipe VI of Spain

Cabinet of His Majesty
​​​​​​​The Grand Duke of Luxembourg Henri

Cabinet of Their Royal Highnesses
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge