Europe Day

On Sunday 9 May 2021, for Europe Day, representatives of BOOSTING EUROPE paid tribute to Robert Schuman. For this annual commemoration, the European Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Didier Reynders, gave a speech on the importance of always focusing our efforts on strengthening this Union of nations, a speech to which our association obviously subscribes!

Let us all be committed Europeanists. Let us all build the bridges of a serene diplomacy.

"Europe will not be built in one fell swoop, nor will it be built as a whole: it will be built through concrete achievements that first create a de facto solidarity." R. Schuman

Honouring Russia at Manneken-Pis

On Saturday 12 June 2021, at the initiative of the Presidency of Un Élan Pour l'Europe, a new costume was presented to the Manneken-Pis!

This presentation of an Officer of the Imperial Guard uniform of the Preobrazhensky Regiment is part of the UEPE's participation in the promotion of culture and support for the "Russian Seasons" taking place throughout Belgium.

Saturday 12 June was also very symbolic for the Federation, as it was the Russian National Day.

Un Élan Pour l'Europe is proud to participate in the promotion of cultural events of all international and European partners who work in a peaceful and diplomatic spirit.

14 July Celebration

On 14 July 2021 the Presidency of Un Elan Pour l'Europe attended a ceremony in the presence of the representative of the Mayor of Brussels, Mr Jean-Marie AMAND, the Deputy Mayor for Culture of the City of Brussels, Delphine HOUBA and H.E. Mrs Hélène FARNAUD-DEFROMONT, Ambassador of France, at the Manneken-Pis, which for the occasion of the French National Day was dressed in a Parisian titi costume.

This was followed by a ceremony at the Unknown Poilu of Laeken in the presence of the Military Attaché of the French Embassy in Brussels, Colonel Pierre JAQUET, Military Commander of the Brussels-Capital Region, representatives of French and Belgian veterans' associations and flag bearers.

Then, at the initiative of their Excellencies the British Ambassador, Mr Martin SHEARMAN, the Italian Ambassador, H.E. Mr Francesco SHEARMAN, and the French Ambassador, H.E. Mr Mourinho. Ambassador Francesco GENUARDI, in the presence of the latter, the Mayor of the City of Brussels, Mr Philippe CLOSE, Mr Jean-Marie AMAND, UEPE Secretary General and Mr Lieven CLAUS, UEPE representative, commemoration and laying of wreaths at the Heysel Stadium, in front of the monument and the stele on which the names of the 39 victims of the 1985 disaster are inscribed.

In the evening, in Liège, the UEPE Vice-President, Mr Gaëtan COKAIKO, the UEPE Treasurer, Mr Yohan VANDENBERGHE and Mr Yohan LOLLO, UEPE Auditor, represented the association by taking part in the Gala of the 14th of July organised by the French friendships of Liège at the Van der Valk Congress

Ceremony for 21 July

On 20 July 2021, the eve of the National Day, I paid tribute to His Majesty King Leopold II, laid wreaths, held a minute's silence, sounded the bugle, and sang the Brabant, in the company of a number of eminent recipients of the Order of Leopold and the Crown, at the invitation of Gil Bourdoux - President.

After the ceremony, a very convivial lunch followed at the Prince Albert Club, where the UEPE President and the Secretary General had the honour of sharing the table with President Gil Bourdoux and Colonel JACQUET, Military Commander of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Tour of the St Petersburg Choir

On Thursday 2 September 2021, Un Elan Pour l'Europe began its first major event. 

A tour through Belgium by the St Petersburg Choir for four exceptional dates (2-3-4-5 September).

It was in the choir of the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudule in Brussels, in Notre-Dame de Courtrai, in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Ostend and in the rotunda of the Musée de la Boverie in the centre of the "Retrouvailles" exhibition, that the Capella de Saint-Pétersbourg ensemble performed to the great pleasure of the public, which responded massively on each occasion.

This tour was also important because of the message of peace and union between the Russian Federation and Belgium, which was conveyed by the presence of His Excellency the Russian Ambassador, Alexander Tokovinin.

Our President, Mr Serge Delvenne, was able to convey in each of his speeches the spirit of sharing and appeasement necessary to maintain bridges of dialogue between our two nations.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to the audience and the officials who attended each of these memorable performances. Thank you Brussels; Thank you Kortrijk; Thank you Ostend; Thank you Liège and long live PEACE!    

Armistice commemorations in Liege

First of all, on 8 November, during the blessing of the Russian monument at the Mémorial Interalliés in Cointe (Liège), the UEPE association was represented by its president, Mr Serge DELVENNE, and Mr Kaysone SOURIVONG, in charge of the mission, in order to fulfil a duty of remembrance within the framework of the Armistice commemoration ceremony. The Russian delegation was composed of Colonel Sergey KARPOUCHKINE, Mrs Maria ANTIPOVA, the Orthodox priest, Father Christian SIMON and some Russian compatriots. The ceremony took place under a radiant sun.

On November 10 2021, UN ELAN FOR EUROPE represented again by its President, Mr. Serge DELVENNE, as well as Mr. Kaysone SOURIVONG, Chargé de missions, took part in the duty of remembrance at the Cemetery of Robermont for the combatants of the allied forces, which during the first and second world war made the sacrifice of their life so that we can live free by ridding us of Nazism. Let us never forget!

Commemoration ceremony at the Congress Column

Participation of Un Élan Pour l'Europe, represented by its President Mr. Serge DELVENNE, its Vice-President Mr. Gaëtan COKAIKO and its Treasurer Mr. Yohan VANDENBERGHE, in the 11 November commemorations at the Colonne du Congrès, in the presence of His Majesty the KING.

Reception at the Uzbek Embassy

Fabulous reception on 15 November 2021 to which the Presidency of UN ELAN FOR EUROPE was invited on the occasion of the visit to Brussels of His Excellency Abdulaziz KAMILOV, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. Many ambassadors from Central Asia, including His Excellency the Ambassador of Turkey in Brussels, were also present, with whom President Serge Delvenne had the opportunity to have a private conversation.

UEPE President Serge DELVENNE receives a UNIT 2021 AWARD

On 25 November 2021, a gala evening was organised at the Cultural and Scientific Centre of the House of Russia in Brussels, in the presence of numerous personalities sent by the Moscow authorities and H.E. Mr Alexander TOKOVININ, Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the Kingdom of Belgium, for the presentation of the AWARD UNIT 2021.

The AWARD UNIT 2021 honours and rewards the best cooperation projects that have contributed to improving interaction and strengthening ties between the Russian Federation and Belgium.

In the category "CULTURE", Serge DELVENNE, President of UN ELAN FOR EUROPE was nominated and received an AWARD UNIT for, among other things, the organisation of the Belgian tour and the unprecedented success of the ST-PETERSBURG CHOIR in three Cathedrals of three major Belgian cities, Brussels, Kortrijk, Ostend, and in Liège at the very heart of the "RETROUVAILLES" exhibition.

Although this AWARD was awarded to Serge Delvenne, he said he wanted to involve all his close collaborators.

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