The story of Boosting Europe

Boosting Europe was founded in October 2020. Suggested by Serge DELVENNE who, starting from the observation of a lack of common policy and solidarity between the member countries of the European Union in the management of the COVID-19 crisis, had the desire to gather people around a project to promote the strengths available to the countries and partners of the European Union.


Serge DELVENNE, a political personality from Liège, is a convinced Europeanist, but terribly disappointed and dissatisfied with the image he perceived of the EU in its current configuration, as well as with its inability to unite to conduct a common policy, to have a single presidency, a solid common economy, and its own army. He felt that the time had come to act, fully aware that the Union aroused disinterest and sometimes even a certain amount of mistrust among the population.


He then thought of bringing together in a pluralist association, Belgian and European men and women from all political families, from the worlds of culture, diplomacy, business and science, who like him are convinced Europeanists.


He initially received the support and collaboration of the young President of the JMR of Liège-Ville, Gaëtan COKAIKO, then turned to an emblematic figure of the Brussels PS, Jean-Marie AMAND, former Director of Cabinet of the late former President of the Senate Anne-Marie LIZIN, Vice-President of the Senior Socialists of Belgium, who showed him his enthusiasm for the project and agreed to be part of it.


Then it was the turn of internationally renowned artists such as Jean-François MALJEAN and others to join the team.


Serge DELVENNE then decided to work together with his new partners to draft the statutes of the future association Boosting Europe. These will be completed on 15 November 2020. During the General Assembly, which ratified the creation of the association, Serge DELVENNE was elected President, Gaëtan COKAIKO was chosen as Vice-President, Jean-Marie AMAND as Secretary General and Yohan VANDENBERGHE as Treasurer.


The statutes were published in the Moniteur Belge on 4 December 2020.


Thus was born Boosting Europe, which has since received the support of many representatives of the Belgian and European political world, some of whom have agreed to join the association's Honorary Committee.

A boost, a logo

It is no coincidence that our association has an owl as its symbol. This owl, initially the attribute of the goddess Athena, goddess of wisdom, has over the years become the emblem par excellence of culture. It is around it that the philosophers of Athens tried to unify Greece; it is around it that the Humanists founded the Republic of Letters; and today, it is around it that we will try to defend the European project, and all of its values, in what some will no doubt call Pax Europaea.

Original creation by Xavier Antoine-Thyssen
(All rights reserved)